By using the WiFi service, you accept the terms described below. If you do not commit to the terms, you cannot use the WiFi service.

These terms of use define the principles for using the hotspot of the WiFi service (the “Service”). The Service is provided by Finnish Customs, here referred to as the “Operator”.

When you have accepted the terms below, you will be directed to the Tulli.fi website where you will be given unlimited access to the Service, which can be used free of charge and is only available in Finland.

The Operator is not responsible for

  • any temporary outage or low data transfer rate in the Service,
  • any unauthorised use of software or of other works protected by intellectual property rights,
  • damage caused by third-party software,
  • technical circumstances and delays that may affect the data transfer to or from the user’s computer.

The Operator does not provide any support to users of the network and is not responsible for the compatibility of the user’s hardware with the hotspot.

Due to security reasons, access to all online services is not guaranteed.

The use of the Service is at the user’s own risk.

The Service should not be used for the following purposes:

  • any illegal actions and actions that infringe copyrights,
  • for using peer-to-peer networks,
  • to supply or offer access to illegal content or to content that is protected by intellectual property rights and that the user does not have rights to,
  • to supply or offer access to content that may infringe on another person’s rights
  • to mass distribute advertisements that have not been subscribed to (spam),
  • to distribute viruses and other malware that may cause damage to the computers of other network users,
  • to resell access to the internet network without the knowledge and written permission of the Operator,
  • to put significant strain on the bandwidth by offering access to www, IRC, NNTP and similar servers.

If the user does not comply with these terms of use or uses the Service for the wrong purposes, the Operator has the right to refuse access to the Service or to limit the data transfer rate of the connection.

The user alone is responsible for how he or she uses the Service.

The user alone is responsible for any consequences that the use of the Service may have.

The user is not entitled to compensation for any temporary or permanent disruption or supply interruption in the internet connection caused by the transmitter being turned off or unavailable due to a technical fault.

Finnish Customs has the right to cut off the connection to the WiFi network at any moment.

The Operator uses cookies to provide the Service to ensure that the development of the Service is based on actual user information. More information on cookies

The user’s personal data is handled in the Service in the manner defined in the Privacy statement, which also defines the rights of the user as a data subject.

The Operator is not responsible for the data protection practices of other websites.

The Operator reserves the right to change these terms of use. The user is not entitled to compensation for changes to the terms of use.

Finnish law shall be applied to all special situations not covered by this agreement.